Hi Krauselocken, ich bins Esther. Wie ihr wisst, war ich 2014 das erste Mal in Ghana. Musik stand da auf der Tagesordnung und so entdeckte ich auch die Tracks von Kingzkid. Das Besondere an seiner Musik ist, dass er nicht über bitches oder Sex rappt und singt, sondern ganz offen raushängen lässt, dass er Christ ist. Ich selber bin zwar nicht so religiös eingestellt, fand das aber interessant. Darum hier ein Interview mit ihm für euch:



KrauseLocke: Hi Kingzkid, thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to interview you. My name is Esther and I am the founder of KrauseLocke – a german online magazine for cultural, curly-haircare and afro-german topics. This summer I had the opportunity to visit Ghana – my father’s home country – for the first time. During my stays in Accra and Kumasi I discovered you inspirational and innovative music and want to share it with my followers and tell them more about you as an artist.
Kingzkid: I’d like to first of all thank KrauseLocke for granting me this interview. Danke

KrauseLocke: For all our german followers who might not know you yet – please introduce yourself

Kingzkid: I started singing in church at around 9 years old and have been
in music since then.Mum says i used to make music with empty cans and tins when i was about 4 years old.haha.Music has been with me for as long as my memory goes.

KrauseLocke: The first song I have ever heard from you was “He go do for you”. I love that song! Pleas tell the KrauseLocke-followers the message of that song?

Kingzkid: “He Go Do For You” is one of the most personal songs i have written yet.It was inspired by some real life activies and me cogitating on God’s goodness and how far He has brought me. And to let the world know that God’s goodness  and Graciousness does not end with me. He changed my life in the twinkle of an eye.And He will do same for anyone who trusts Him.

KrauseLocke: What inspires you?

Kingzkid: My Inspiration stems mainly from God, ,His word,my love for music and personal experiences and Testimonies

KrauseLocke: What is the message of your music?

Kingzkid: The message of my music centers around God, His Grace, His love and the Sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ.My music also tends to inspire people to reach for more and to be Great

KrauseLocke: You combine gospel lyrics with azonto or hip hop sounds. Why did you choose to do this?
Kingzkid: My style of music is eclectic.Not just limited to upbeat (azonto, pop,  afro rythms) or hipop.I mostly write based on inspiration.So the music takes the form of the inspiration.By God’s Grace, i’m blessed with affluence in any style or genre of music.

KrauseLocke: Do you write all of your lyrics yourself?

Kingzkid: Yes I write all my lyrics by myself

KrauseLocke: Our website deals with natural beauty and natural hair care, especially for women. Black females tend to hide their natural beauty; they put weaves on and relax their hair. What is your opinion to the ideals of beauty in the society?

Kingzkid: I’ve always advocated for natural beauty and natural hair care.I think people should try hard to maintain their natural beauty.Makeup has a way of concealing the God giving beauty.

KrauseLocke: What is the biggest prejudice someone had against you?

Kingzkid: My biggest prejudice will be why i choose to use all my giftings for God and Gospel music

KrauseLocke: During our research we found out that you successfully completed your first degree program In Banking and Finance at Central University College in and currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance degree. Now you are a great musician. Why did you choose to make your studies first? 
Kingzkid: Education and preparation are very  essential.No matter how big your dreams are,get some education,at least in the field of your dreams.It adds an extra factor and opens doors

KrauseLocke: Do you think that you lyrics reflect the lifestyle of the people who listen to your music?
Kingzkid: My music is eclectic, and as such reaches to a larger audience. I’m sure it captures an array of lifestyles as well

KrauseLocke: Your latest song is called “I got my Jesus on!” and it is a real “gangsta-beat”. The lyrics are the opposite of what we are usually used to hear in hiphop tracks like that. Can you say something about the song? What is the message?
Kingzkid: “I Got Ma Jesus On” is a song for every young Christian out there. Jesus modules a lot of beautiful things and attributes which are worth emulating. Above all, He stood for boldness and never took no for an answer. The youth of our generation need to follow their God- given dreams with all boldness and faith

Hi! This is your boy Kingzkid a.k.a #Yeahboiy sending a big shoutout to Krause Locke and all your beautiful fans. Stay Natural,Stay Beautiful!!!


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